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Aromatherapy Online Courses

Aromatherapy Courses Online Australia : Best Online Mental Health Courses

Aromatherapy Courses Online Australia

There are lots of institutes in Australia that provides Aromatherapy Courses online Australia. Candidates can choose the medium of the course as distance, regular, and online. At this time there are lots of online aromatherapy courses available for distance learners. Foreign students can also take these Aromatherapy online courses from Australia. 

There are lots of Aromatherapy online courses as well online degrees and diplomas available for the aspirants. Such type of online degree, course and diploma gives you a chance to become an expert of that particular field. 


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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is known as the science of healing psychologically with the help of different Aromas. In this technique essential oils and other aromatic components are used for healing. Aromatherapy is also called the Holistic healing treatment that uses the natural plants and flowers. It is used to improve the health of body, mind and spirit. Aromatherapy improves the psychological and physical health. 

Aromatherapy can cure number of diseases like:

  1. Nausea
  2. Fatigue
  3. Infections
  4. Dementia
  5. Eczema
  6. Depression
  7. Stress and Anxiety
  8. Headache
  9. Migraines
  10. Cancer Pain
  11. Digestive Problems
  12. Osteoarthritis of knees

Learning Benefits of Aromatherapy

These are the following points that are helpful for the aspirants.

  • Identify the range of essential oils and their usage
  • Know the difference between essential oils and aromatic oils
  • Know the value of essential oils
  • Understand how the essential oils are beneficial for different healings
  • Understand the quality of oils
  • Know the methods of extracting oils from plants and flowers

Aromatherapy Online Courses

This is the list of aromatherapy courses online Australia. This list will help in finding your suited courses.  Aromatherapy courses provide the knowledge and skills to use essential oils for health improvement of mind, body, spirit and physical health.

(ACOA) Australian College of Aromatherapy Courses List

ACOA - Aromatherapy Courses, diplomas and degrees


Australian college of Aromatherapy (ACOA) was established in 1966.  Australian College of Aromatherapy provides students affordable, flexible and quality distance education in the specialist field of aromatherapy. The college has been at the forefront of this cultural shift, advocating for education and training in aromatherapy.  


Course Code Course name Fee Duration
MINTRO1 Introduction to Aromatherapy $70.00 NA
DIPCAROM Master Clinical Aromatherapist Diploma $2,796.00 24 Months Self Paced
DIPMARNAT Master Aromatherapist and Natural Therapist Diploma $3,494.00 24 Months, Self Paced
CPRACCRT Aromatherapy Practitioner Certificate $1,485 18 Months
AROMAFUN Fundamentals of Aromatherapy $352 6 Months
APETS10 Aromatherapy for Pets $356 12 Months
ARHWELLB Aromatherapy for Health and Well-Being $352 12 Months
AROMCIN Clinical Aromatherapy $548.00 12 Months
ACONSULT Aromatherapy Consultant $384.00 12 Months
AREF7 Aromatherapy and Reflexology $335.00 12 Months
AREJ8 Aromatherapy for Rejuvenating Skin Care $356.00 12 Months
APSYC8 Aromatherapy and The Psyche $356 12 Months
DIPMAYURV Master Ayurveda Diploma $2,640 12 Months
AMASS7 Aromatherapy Massage $335 12 Months
ABUSH10 Aromatherapy and Bush Flower Remedies $356.00 12 Months
CERTNATL Aromatherapy for Ante-and Post-Natal Care (Specialist   Certificate $995.00 12 Months
HOLHERBT Holistic Herbal Therapy $548.00 12 Months
AROMPALL Aromatherapy for Palliative and Aged care (Clinical Statement   of Achievement) $548.00 12 Months
ABACH6 Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies $291.00 12 Months
ACOL7 Aromatherapy and Colour Therapy $335.00 12 Months
AAYURR10 Aromatherapy and Ayurveda $455.00 12 Months
CERTMENP Aromatherapy for Menopausal Woman (Specialist Certificate) $995.00 12 Months
CERTPALL Aromatherapy for Palliative and Aged care (Specialist   Certificate)) $995.00 12 Months
CLINNUTR Clinical Nutrition $548.00 12 Months
HOLHOMEO Holistic Homeopathy $548.00 12 Months
APOSTNAT Aromatherapy for Ante-and Post-Natal Care (Clinical Statement   of Achievement) $548.00 12 Months
AYURNUTR Ayurvedic Nutrition $548.00 12 Months
ADREAM Aroma therapeutic Dreaming $291 12 Months
ANATPHYS Anatomy and Physiology $598.00 12 Months
AMENPAUS Aromatherapy for Menopausal Woman (Clinical Statement of   Achievement) $548.00 12 Months
FOUNAYUR Foundation Ayurveda $548.00 12 Months
PRACTMAN Practice management $548.00 12 Months
AYURHERB Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy $548.00 12 Months


Aromatherapy Online Course Providers


These are the Popular Aromatherapy Courses from Australia. We have provided various aromatherapy online course providers. 


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