As You Like It by William Shakespeare: Quotes and Lines and Characters

As You Like It   ➔ First Performed : 1599-1600 ➔ First Printed: 1623 ➔ Source: Thomas Lodge’s Rosalynde ➔ Setting of the Play: Forest of Arden ➔ Central Theme:  ➔ Literary Genre: Comedy   Characters of As You Like It   Duke Fredrick – Duke Senior’s Younger brother and his usurper, also father of Celia … Read more

The Tempest By William Shakespeare: Characters and Quotes and Lines

The Tempest By William Shakespeare The Tempest is a popular tragi-comedy by William Shakespeare.   ➤ First Performed – 1611-12 ➤ First Printed        – 1623 ➤ Literary Genre     – Romance, Comedy in First Folio, Tragi-comedy also ➤ Setting of the play – The Sea & Island ➤ Sources of the Play – Ovid’s Metamorphosis   The … Read more

UPTGT English Previous Paper 2016: Solved Paper

UPTGT English Previous Paper 2016 This is UPTGT English Previous Paper 2016. This will help you in understanding the pattern of UPTGT English.   1. The correct spelling is (1) Perseverance (2) Perrsivarance (3) Persiverance (4) Perseverence Ans. 1 2. The correct spelling is (1) Haemorhage (2) Haemorrhage (3) Hamorrhage (4) Hemorrhage Ans. 2 3. … Read more

Othello by Shakespeare: Quotes and Lines, Characters and Questions and Answers

Othello by Shakespeare Othello by William Shakespeare is a popular tragedy. ➤ First Performed – 1604-05 ➤ First Printed – 1622 ➤ Source of the play – Hecatommithi, a collection of Tales by the Italian author Cinthio ➤ Setting of the play – Venice and in Cyprus ➤ Literary Genre – Tragedy     Characters … Read more

Macbeth By William Shakespeare: Quotes and Lines, Characters and Questions and Answers

Macbeth By William Shakespeare Macbeth by William Shakespeare is famous tragedy. It was first performed in 1605-06 and printed in 1623. It is a tragedy based on murders of royal members, hence it is a based on regicide theme.   ➤ Written and Performed – 1605-06 ➤ Literary Genre of the Play – Tragedy ➤ … Read more

William Shakespeare : Life and Plays, Characters, Quotes and Lines

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare leads all that brilliant group of poets and dramatists who have given undying glory to the age of Elizabeth. He lived in a play loving age; he studied the crowds, gave them what they wanted, and simply reflected their own thoughts and feelings. William Shakespeare was born on 23 April, 1564 … Read more

William Shakespeare Life and Works Questions and Answers

William Shakespeare Life and Works Questions and Answers Here, we have discussed William Shakespeare Life and Works Questions and Answers. These questions will help students. Students use this for their practice test. 1 . William Shakespeare was the third child of:(a) Joseph Shakespeare and Mary John(b) William Shakespeare and Mary Arden(c) John Shakespeare and Mary … Read more

Criticism on William Shakespeare

Criticism on William Shakespeare Here, we are sharing some important questions and answers on Criticism on William Shakespeare. These question will help for English Literature students. 1 . The phrase “Small Latin and Less Greek” is referred to Shakespeare by:a. Samuel Johnsonb. Ben Jonsonc. Miltond. Matthew Arnold Show Answer   Ans. b. – Ben Jonson … Read more