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Collective Noun for Birds – 50 Examples of Collective Nouns

We have shared Collective Noun for Birds. These are 50 Collective Nouns.


Collective nouns of birds

A flock of birds
A gaggle of geese
A murder of crows
A skein of ducks
A charm of finches
A cast of hawks
A siege of herons
A congregation of eagles
A brood of hens
A flight of swallows
A colony of penguins
A descent of woodpeckers
A parliament of owls
A bevy of quail
A scold of jays
A flock of seagulls
A flock of sheep
A wisp of snipe
A colony of sparrows
A drove of swans
A host of sparrows
A murmuration of starlings
A stand of flamingos
A band of falcons
A kindle of kittens
A congress of ravens
A knot of toads
A muster of peacocks
A kettle of hawks
A quarrel of sparrows
A company of parrots
A screech of seagulls
A watch of nightingales
A brood of chicks
A parade of penguins
A constellation of starlings
A brace of grouse
A flight of canaries
A host of angels
A bouquet of pheasants
A wedge of swans
A tribe of wrens
Drumming of grouse
A raft of ducks
A skulk of finches
A kettle of vultures
A congress of eagles
A covey of partridges
A flutter of butterflies.


Collective Nouns Exercise


  1. A colony of ___________
  2. A gaggle of ___________
  3. A troop of ___________
  4. A pod of ___________
  5. A swarm of ___________
  6. A pack of ___________
  7. A school of ___________
  8. A flock of ___________
  9. A herd of ___________
  10. A pride of ___________
  11. A bouquet of ___________
  12. A troupe of ___________
  13. A band of ___________
  14. A team of ___________
  15. A litter of ___________
  16. A murder of ___________
  17. A parliament of ___________
  18. A convoy of ___________
  19. A gang of ___________
  20. A horde of ___________
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