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Collective Nouns of Wild Animals

This is the list of Collective Nouns of Wild Animals. Collective nouns are a group of common nouns.


Wild Animals Collective nouns

A pack of wolves

A herd of elephants

A pride of lions

A troop of baboons

A clan of hyenas

A colony of bats

A swarm of bees

A mob of kangaroos

A pod of whales

A school of fish

A parliament of rooks

A horde of rats

A skulk of foxes

A gang of elk

A tower of giraffes

A shiver of sharks

A congregation of alligators

A raft of otters

A leap of leopards

Bloat of hippopotamuses

A muster of peacocks

A cackle of hyenas

An ambush of tigers

A journey of giraffes

A prickle of porcupines

A dazzle of zebras

A coalition of cheetahs

A convocation of eagles

A caravan of camels

A crash of rhinoceroses

A parade of elephants

A drift of swine

A cete of badgers

A warren of rabbits

A den of snakes

A litter of puppies

A kindle of kittens

A business of ferrets

A scourge of mosquitoes

A brace of pheasants

A colony of ants

A knot of toads

A flock of seagulls

A thunder of hippopotamuses

A rout of wolves

A stench of skunks

A wake of vultures

A wisdom of wombats

A bask of crocodiles

A rafter of turkeys.


All Collective Nouns Examples

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