Comprehension Test 2

The comprehension has 5 questions based on the given passage. Read the passage carefully and mark correct answers.



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Comprehension Test - 2

Comprehension is the ability to understand something. It is also called unseen passage. Read the passage carefully and marks your correct answers.

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There are some men who seem to be always on the lookout for trouble and, to tell the truth, they are seldom disappointed. Listening to such men one would think that this world is one of the stormiest and most disagreeable places. Yet, after all it is not such a bad place and the difficulty is often in the man who is too thin-skinned. On the other hand, the man who goes out expecting people to be like himself, kind and brotherly, will be surprised at the kindness he meets even in the most unlike quarters. A smile is apt to be met with a responsive smile while the sneer is just as apt to provoke a snarl. Men living in the same neighbourhood may live vastly different lives. But it is not the neighbourhood which is quarrelsome, but the man within us. And we have it in our power to  change our neighbourhood into a pleasant one by simply changing our own ways.

1. The passage is about

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2. "............ they are seldom disappointed". The statement denotes that such men

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3. The author's own view of the world is that it is

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4. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the expression 'thin-skinned' as used in the passage?

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5. "On  the, hand ............. unlikely other quarters". shows that The statement people's reaction to our attitude is

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