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Irregular Verbs List

Irregular Verbs List: 100 Plus Most Common Irregular Verbs

We have shared Irregular Verbs List with meaning. This list will help you in finding irregular verbs. These most common irregular verbs. Verbs is the main part of a sentence. A verb is used in different forms in different tenses.

Irregular Verb Definition

When the simple past and past participle forms of a verb are not end with ‘ed’, known as irregular verbs. These verbs can be divided into three types.

  • Irregular Verbs with All three same forms (infinitive, simple past and past participle)
  • Irregular verbs with two same forms (simple past and past participle)
  • Irregular verbs with all three different forms

Irregular Verbs List with all Three Forms Same

Infinitive FormSimple Past FormPast Participle Form
put putput
shut shutshut
spread spreadspread

Irregular Verbs List with Meaning

Infinitive FormPast Simple FormPast Participle Form
arise (to happen or occur)arosearisen
awake (to stop sleeping or become conscious)awokeawoken
be (to exist or live)was/werebeen
bear (to carry or endure)boreborne/born
beat (to strike or hit repeatedly)beatbeaten
begin (to start or commence)beganbegun
bend (to curve or flex)bentbent
bet (to gamble or wager)betbet
bind (to tie or fasten)boundbound
bite (to use teeth to cut or grip)bitbitten
bleed (to lose blood)bledbled
blow (to create a current of air)blewblown
break (to shatter or separate into parts)brokebroken
bring (to carry or convey to a place)broughtbrought
broadcast (to transmit over the airwaves)broadcastbroadcast
build (to construct or assemble)builtbuilt
burn (to be on fire or consume by fire)burned/burntburned/burnt
burst (to break open suddenly)burstburst
buy (to acquire in exchange for money)boughtbought
cast (to throw or hurl)castcast
catch (to grab or capture)caughtcaught
choose (to select or pick)chosechosen
cling (to adhere or stick tightly)clungclung
come (to move towards or arrive at a place)camecome
cost (to require expenditure of money)costcost
creep (to move slowly and quietly)creptcrept
cut (to sever or divide with a sharp instrument)cutcut
deal (to distribute or give out)dealtdealt
dig (to break up or remove earth with a tool)dugdug
dive (to jump into water headfirst)dived/diveddived
do (to perform or carry out an action)diddone
draw (to create a picture or design)drewdrawn
dream (to experience images or sensations during sleep)dreamed/dreamtdreamed/dreamt
drink (to consume liquid)drankdrunk
drive (to operate or control a vehicle)drovedriven
dwell (to live or reside)dwelt/dwelleddwelt/dwelled
eat (to consume food)ateeaten
fall (to descend from a higher position)fellfallen
feed (to provide food for)fedfed
feel (to perceive by touch or experience emotions)feltfelt
fight (to engage in a physical conflict)foughtfought
find (to discover or locate)foundfound
fit (to be of the right size or shape)fitfit
flee (to run away or escape)fledfled
fling (to throw or toss forcefully)flungflung
fly (to move through the air with wings or by aircraft)flewflown
forbid (to prohibit or disallow)forbade/forbidforbidden
forget (to fail to remember)forgotforgotten
forbid (to prohibit or disallow)forbade/forbidforbidden
forget (to fail to remember)forgotforgotten
forgive (to pardon or excuse)forgaveforgiven
freeze (to become solid or harden due to cold)frozefrozen
get (to obtain or acquire)gotgotten/got
give (to transfer or present something to someone)gavegiven
go (to move or travel from one place to another)wentgone
grind (to crush or pulverize into small particles)groundground
grow (to increase in size or develop)grewgrown
hang (to suspend or attach from above)hunghung
have (to possess or own)hadhad
hear (to perceive sounds with the ears)heardheard
hide (to conceal or keep out of sight)hidhidden
hit (to strike forcefully)hithit
hold (to grasp or cling to)heldheld
hurt (to cause pain or injury)hurthurt
keep (to retain or hold on to)keptkept
kneel (to rest on the knees)knelt/kneeledknelt/kneeled
know (to have knowledge or awareness)knewknown
lay (to put or place something in a flat or horizontal position)laidlaid
lead (to guide or direct)ledled
lean (to rest or incline against something for support)leaned/leantleaned/leant
leap (to jump or spring suddenly)leapt/leapedleapt/leaped
learn (to acquire knowledge or skills)learned/learntlearned/learnt
leave (to depart or go away from)leftleft
lend (to grant temporary use of something)lentlent
let (to allow or permit)letlet
lie (to be in or assume a horizontal position)laylain
light (to make something start burning or shining)litlit
lose (to misplace or no longer have possession of)lostlost
make (to create or produce)mademade
mean (to intend or signify)meantmeant
meet (to encounter or come into contact with)metmet
mow (to cut down grass or vegetation with a tool)mowedmown/mowed
overcome (to defeat or conquer)overcameovercome
pay (to give money in exchange for goods or services)paidpaid
put (to place or position something)putput
quit (to stop or give up)quitquit
read (to comprehend written words)readread
rid (to free or relieve of something)ridrid
ride (to travel on or in a vehicle or animal)roderidden
ring (to produce a sound by striking or vibrating)rangrung
rise (to move upward or become higher)roserisen
run (to move quickly on foot)ranrun
saw (to cut or shape with a saw)sawedsawn/sawed
say (to express in words)saidsaid
see (to perceive with the eyes)sawseen
sell (to exchange for money or goods)soldsold
send (to dispatch or transmit)sentsent
set (to place or arrange something)setset
sew (to join or fasten with stitches)sewedsewn/sewed
shake (to move or cause to move rapidly back and forth)shookshaken
shine (to emit or reflect light)shoneshone
shoot (to discharge a projectile from a weapon)shotshot
show (to exhibit or display)showedshown/showed
shrink (to become smaller in size or volume)shrankshrunk
shut (to close or fasten tightly)shutshut
sing (to produce musical sounds with the voice)sangsung
sink (to descend or go down below the surface of a liquid)sank/sunksunk
sit (to be in a seated position)satsat
sleep (to rest in a state of unconsciousness)sleptslept
slide (to move smoothly or effortlessly)slidslid
smell (to perceive odors with the nose)smelled/smeltsmelled/smelt
sow (to plant seeds in the ground)sowedsown/sowed
speak (to communicate using words)spokespoken
speed (to move quickly or increase in velocity)sped/speededsped/speeded
spell (to form words letter by letter)spelled/speltspelled/spelt
spend (to use or consume money, time, or resources)spentspent
spill (to accidentally pour or scatter a liquid)spilled/spiltspilled/spilt
spin (to rotate rapidly)spunspun
spit (to expel saliva or other substances from the mouth)spat/spitspat/spit
split (to divide or break apart into separate parts)splitsplit
spread (to extend or distribute over an area)spreadspread
spring (to move suddenly or rapidly)sprang/sprungsprung
stand (to be in an upright position on the feet)stoodstood
steal (to take someone else’s property without permission)stolestolen
stick (to adhere or cling to something)stuckstuck
sting (to prick or puncture with a pointed object)stungstung
stink (to emit a strong unpleasant odor)stank/stunkstunk
stride (to walk with long steps)strodestridden
strike (to hit or deliver a blow)struckstruck/stricken
string (to thread or tie with a cord)strungstrung
strive (to make great efforts or struggle)strove/strivedstriven/strived
swear (to make a solemn promise or declaration)sworesworn
sweep (to clean or clear with a broom or brush)sweptswept
swim (to move through water using the arms and legs)swamswum
swing (to move back and forth in a pendulum-like motion)swungswung
take (to grab, hold, or seize)tooktaken
teach (to impart knowledge or instruct)taughttaught
tear (to rip or pull apart forcibly)toretorn
tell (to communicate or inform)toldtold
think (to have or form an opinion or idea)thoughtthought
throw (to propel or project forcefully)threwthrown
thrust (to push or drive with force)thrustthrust
tread (to step or walk on)trodtrodden/trod
understand (to comprehend or grasp the meaning of)understoodunderstood
upset (to disturb or unsettle emotionally)upsetupset
wake (to stop sleeping or become awake)woke/wakedwoken/waked
wear (to have or carry on the body as clothing or adornment)woreworn
weep (to shed tears)weptwept
win (to achieve victory or success)wonwon
wind (to twist or turn repeatedly)woundwound
withdraw (to take back or remove)withdrewwithdrawn
wring (to twist or squeeze forcibly)wrungwrung
write (to mark or form letters or words on a surface)wrotewritten

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Irregular Verbs FAQs

How many irregular verbs in English?

There is no specific number of irregular verbs.

What are irregular verbs?

Past simple and Past participle forms of a verb are not ends with ‘ed’ known as irregular verb.

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