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Literary Forms: Question and Answer English Literature

Literary Forms: Question and Answer English Literature


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Literary Terms

Here, Literary Terms related questions are discussed. If you are a passionate learner of English Literature, solve questions here.

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Who said: "Correction of social absurdities must at all times be the matter of true comedy."

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An article in criticism of a literary work is known as:

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It consists of two consecutive lines of verse rhyming together, usually in the same metre. What is it?

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An unexpected and sensational turn in a play is known as:

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Denotation is the:

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Comedy of intrigue originated in:

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Comedy of Humour is the term applied to the type of comic drama written by John Fletcher and:

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Abraham Cowley invented the metrical form of:

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A fanciful image or startling comparison is known as:

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Congreve and Etherge are the writer of:

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Conflict may be two kinds: outer and:

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The implication of something more than the accepted or primary meaning is:

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The struggle between two characters or two forces is known as:

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Comedy of Manners flourished in a particular period of England. Which period is it?

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Comedy of Manners was originated in France with:

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