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500 One Word Substitution List

500 One Word Substitution List – For CUET, SSC, NDA, CDS etc.

We have shared One Word Substitution List for English learning students. The One Word Substitution is an important part of English vocabulary. We have also provided One Word Substitution PDF.

One Word Substitution Definition

When we use a phrase or sentence in place of a word, it is called one word substitution. In other word we can say one word substitution is elaborated of a single word.

One Word Substitution Examples

  • Eccentric – Unconventional, peculiar, or deviating from the norm.
  • Garrulous – Talkative, excessively chatty, or loquacious.
  • Insidious – Proceeding in a subtle, gradual, or harmful way without being noticed.
  • Nefarious – Wicked, evil, or villainous in nature.
  • Brevity – The quality of being brief or concise.
  • Conundrum – A confusing or difficult problem or situation.
  • Epitome – A perfect example or embodiment of a particular quality or type.
  • Euphoria – A feeling of extreme happiness or excitement.
  • Inevitable – Something that is certain to happen and cannot be avoided.
  • Mellifluous – Having a smooth, sweet, and pleasing sound.

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AddictA person who is unable to stop taking harmful drugs
AdolescentThe person who is between thirteen to eighteen years
AdroitA person skillful and clever, especially in dealing with people
AggressiveA person angry, and behaving in a threatening way: ready to attack
AgnosticOne who believes that nothing can be known about God or of anything except material things
AltruistOne who devotes their life to the welfare and interests of other people
AmanuensisOne who writes down one’s dictation
AmateurOne who engages in any pursuit for the love of it, and not for gain
AmbidextrousOne who can use both hands with equal ease
AnarchistOne who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a state
AnglerOne who fishes with a rod (as a hobby)
AntiquarianOne who studies, collects, or sells things of the past
ArbitratorOne who is appointed by parties to settle disputes
ArchaeologistA person who studies cultures of the past and examines the remains found in the ground
ArchitectA person whose job is designing buildings, etc.
ArtistA person who creates works of art, especially paintings or drawings
AstronautA person whose job involves traveling and working in a spacecraft
AtheistOne who does not believe in the existence of God
AthleteA person who competes in sports
Aviator/PilotOne who flies an aeroplane
BibliophobeA person who hates, fears, or distrusts books
BankerA person who is in charge of the money in particular games or banks
BastardA child born of unmarried parents
BellicoseA person who is fond of fighting
BeneficiaryA person who gains as a result of something
BibliophileA lover of books
BigotOne who has narrow religious views
BiographerA person who writes the story of another person’s life
BohemianOne who does not follow the usual rules of social life
BorrowerA person or an organization that borrows money, especially from a bank
BurglarOne who breaks into a house to steal
CalligrapherA person whose handwriting is very beautiful
CannibalOne who eats human flesh
CapitalistA person who owns or controls a lot of wealth and uses it to produce more wealth
CaptorA person who captures a person or an animal and keeps them as a prisoner
CaretakerA person whose job is to take care of a building such as a school or a block of flats or an apartment building
CarnivorousOne who lives on flesh (meat)
CensoriousOne who is always finding faults
CentenarianOne who is hundred years old
ChandlerA person or shop that sells equipment for ships
CharlatanOne who pretends to know a great deal about everything
ChauffeurOne who drives a motor-car
CobblerOne who mends shoes
ColleaguesPersons who work in the same department of an office
ComedianAn entertainer who makes people laugh by telling jokes or funny stories
CompanionsA person or an animal that travels with you or spends a lot of time with you
ComplacentOne who is completely self-satisfied
ConjurorA person who does clever tricks which appear magical
ConnoisseurOne who has special skill in judging art, music, tastes, etc.
ConscriptA person who is forced by law to become a soldier
ConservativeOne who believes in keeping things as they are
ContemporaryOne living at the same time as another
ConvalescentOne who is recovering from illness
CoquetteA girl or woman who flirts, that is tries to attract people and make advances in love simply to satisfy her vanity
CosmopolitanA person who regards the whole world as his country
CynicOne who sneers at the aims and beliefs of his fellow men
CriticA person who expresses opinions about the good and bad qualities of books, music etc.
CulpritsA person who has done something wrong or against the law
DemagogueA leader of the people who can sway his followers by his oratory
DependantA person, especially a child, who depends on another person for a home, food, money, etc.
DesignerA person whose job is to decide how things such as clothes, furniture, tools, etc. will look or work by making drawings, plans or patterns
DiffidentShy, timid, unwilling to face a situation
DissidentA person who strongly disagrees with and criticizes their government, especially in a country where this kind of action is dangerous
DreamerA person who has ideas or plans that are not practical or realistic
EavesdropperOne who secretly listens to the talk of others
EffeminateA man who is womanish in his habits
EgocentricOne who looks at everything from a personal point of view
EligibleA person who is worthy of something or to do something
EmissaryA person sent on a mission
EpicureanDevoted to pleasure and enjoying oneself
EpistolerA person who writes a long, serious letter on an important subject
EscortA person or group of people or vehicles that travels with somebody/something in order to protect or guard them
ExileOne who is banished from his home or his country
ExpertA person with special knowledge, skill or training in something
FanaticA person who is extremely enthusiastic about something
FatalistOne who believes in fate
FeministA person who is devoted to the welfare of women
Fiance/FianceeOne engaged to be married
FishmongerOne who deals in fish
FounderA person who starts an organization, institution, etc. or causes something to be built
FugitiveOne who runs away from justice or the law
GeographerA person who studies geography: an expert in geography
GeologistOne who studies rocks and soils
GluttonOne who eats too much
GourmetA connoisseur of food and drink
GullibleSimple and easily deceived
HorsemanA person who can ride horses
Hermit/RecluseOne who retires from society to live a solitary life
HarbingerA person or thing that goes before and announces the coming of something
Hawker/PedlarOne who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles
HedonistOne who believes that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life
HereticOne who acts against religion
HorticulturistA person who practices growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables
HospitableOne who is fond of entertaining guests
Hypocrite/ImpostorOne who pretends to be what he is not
IconoclastOne who breaks images and idols
LegitimateBorn of unmarried parents
IlliterateA person who can neither read nor write
ImmigrantOne who comes into a foreign country to settle there
ImpostorOne who deceives by pretending to be someone else
IncendiaryThat causes fire or violence
IncorrigibleThat cannot be corrected or reformed
InsolventOne who is unable to pay one’s debt
JanitorOne who takes care of a building
JockeyA professional rider in horse races
JokerA person who likes making jokes or doing silly things to make people laugh
JudasA traitor who can sell out even his friend
JuristA person who is an expert in law
KleptomaniacOne who has an irresistible tendency to steal
LegitimateBorn of married parents
LenderA person or an organization that lends money
LexicographerOne who compiles a dictionary
LibertineA man who leads an immoral life and is interested in pleasure
LinguistOne who makes a scientific study of language
ManiacA person who behaves in an extremely dangerous, wild, or stupid way
MartyrOne who dies for a noble cause
MedallistA person who has received a medal, usually for winning a competition in a sport
Migrate/MigratoryOne who leaves his country to settle in another
MilitaristA believer in the use of arms
MercenaryA soldier who fights for the sake of money
Misanthrope, MisanthropistA hater of mankind
MiserOne who spends very little
MisogamistA hater of marriage
MisogynistA hater of women
Money-grabberA person trying to get a lot of money
MonotheistOne who believes in one God
MountebankA person who tries to trick people, especially in order to get their money
MysticA person who tries to become united with God through prayer meditation
NavigatorA person who sails along, over or through a sea, river etc.
Neophyte, Novice, TyroOne new to anything
NonagenarianA person in his nineties
NumismatistOne who collects or studies coins
ObscurantistOne who deliberately prevents somebody from understanding or discovering something
OctogenarianA person in his eighties
OmnipotentOne who is all powerful
OmnipresentOne who is present everywhere
OmniscientOne who knows everything
OmnivorousOne who can eat everything
OpportunistA person who takes advantage of every change for success
OptimistOne who looks on the bright side of things
OratorOne who makes an eloquent public speech
OrnithologistA person who studies birds
OrphanA child whose parents are dead
OutriderA person who rides a motorcycle or a horse in front of or beside the vehicle of an important person in order to give protection
PacifistA person who believes in the total abolition of war
PainterA person whose job is painting buildings, walls, etc.
ParvenuA person from a low social or economic position who has suddenly become rich or powerful
PatriotOne who loves his country and serves it devotedly
PawnbrokerOne who lends money and keeps goods as security
PedagogueA teacher; a person who likes to teach people things, especially because they think they know more than other people
PedantA person who is too concerned with small details or rules when learning and teaching
PedanticToo worried about small details or rules
PedestrianOne who walks on foot
PessimistOne who looks at the dark side of things
PhilandererA person who has many love affairs without intending to marry
PhilanthropistA lover of mankind
PhilatelistOne who collects postage stamps
PhilistineA person of materialistic taste, indifferent to art and literature
PhilogynistA lover of womankind
PhilologistA person who studies the scientific study of the development of language or of a particular language
PhilosopherA person who studies or writes about the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life
PhoneticianA person who studies the speech sounds and how they are produced
PickpocketA person who steals money, etc. from other people’s pockets, especially in crowded places
PilgrimOne who journeys to a holy place
PolygamistOne who has more than two wives or husbands at a time
PolyglotOne who knows many languages
PioneerOne who leads others in any field
PolytheistOne who believes in many gods
PosthumousA child born after the death of its father
PredecessorOne who has been before another in office or employment
PriestA person who is qualified to perform religious duties and ceremonies in the Roman Catholic Church
PrompterOne who gives directions from behind the scenes on a stage
ProphetA person who teaches or supports a new idea, theory, etc. and claims to know the future
PyromaniacOne who maliciously sets fire to buildings
QuackA person who dishonestly claims to have medical knowledge or skills
QuixoticOne who is chivalrous, idealistic, and impractical
SadisticOne who gets pleasure in others’ trouble and pain
SageA very wise person
SaintA very good, kind, or patient person
Good SamaritanA person who helps a helpless person or stranger
SaturnineOne who looks serious and threatening
ScapegoatA person who is blamed for something bad that somebody else has done
ScrivenerOne who draws up contracts and lends money on interest
SeptuagenarianA person in his seventies
SettlerA person who goes to live in a new country or region
SexagenarianA person in his sixties
SexologistA person who scientifically studies human sexual behavior
SkilfulA person good at doing something
SomnambulistOne who walks in his sleep
SomniloquentOne who talks in sleep
SophistOne whose reasoning is clever yet false
Sot/ToperOne who is a habitual drunkard
SpendthriftOne who spends too much
StatisticianA person who studies or works with statistics
StenographerA person whose job is to write down what somebody else says, using a quick system of signs or abbreviations
StoicOne who is indifferent to pain or pleasure
SuccessorOne who takes over after another in office or employment
SuperannuatedRetired on account of age, usually with pension
SupervisorA person who supervises somebody/something
TeetotallerOne who abstains from alcoholic drinks
TheistOne who believes in the existence of God
TouristA person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure
TrespasserA person who goes on to somebody’s land without their permission
TruantOne who runs away from the class without permission
TrusteeA person or an organization that has control of money or property that has been put into a trust for somebody
TyrantA person who has complete power in a country and uses it in a cruel and unfair way
UndertakerA tradesman who manages funerals
UsurerOne who lends money at a very high rate of interest
UxoriousOne extremely fond of one’s wife
VagrantA person who has no home or job, especially one who begs from people
VerboseA style/person full of words
VergerAn official whose job is to take care of the inside of a church and to perform some simple duties during church services
VersatileOne who is gifted with several talents
VeteranA person who has a long experience of any occupation
VeterinarianOne skilled in the treatment of diseases of animals
VindictiveOne who is revengeful
VintnerOne who deals in wines
VolunteerOne who offers one’s services
VoluptuaryOne who is given to the sensual pleasures of body
ApiaryA place where bees are kept
AquariumA place where fishes are kept
ArchivesA place where government records are kept
ArmouryA place where guns are kept
AssemblyA group of people who have been elected to meet together regularly and make laws for a country
AsylumA place of refuge and safety
AtlasA book of maps
AuditoriumA place where audience sit
AviaryA place where birds are kept
BakeryA place where bread and cakes are made or sold
BinderyA place where books are bound
BreweryA place where beer is made
BurrowA dwelling place of an underground animal
CasinoA place with gambling tables
Cemetery, ChurchyardA place where dead bodies are buried
Cloak-roomA place at a railway station where luggage is kept
ClosetA small room or a space in a wall with a door that reaches the floor, used for storing things
CrematoriumA place where dead bodies are cremated
Depot, GodownA place where goods are stored
DistilleryA place where alcoholic drinks are made
DockyardA place where ships are made and repaired
DormitoryA room for several people to sleep in, especially in a school or other institution
ForumA place where people can exchange opinions and ideas on a particular issue
GatheringA meeting of people for a particular purpose
GranaryA place where grains are stored
GymnasiumA place for doing body exercises
HangarA place where airplanes are kept
LairA place where a wild animal sleeps or hides
LandscapeA painting of a view of the countryside
LibraryA room in a large house where most of the books are kept
Lunatic asylumA place where mad men are kept
MintA place where money is coined
MonasteryA place where monks live together
MorgueA place where dead bodies are kept for identification
MortuaryA place where dead bodies are kept
MuseumA place where objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific things are kept and shown to the people
OrchardA place where fruit trees are grown
OrphanageA place where orphans are housed
ReservoirA place where water is stored
ResortA place where a lot of people go on holiday or vacation
SanatoriumA place of rest and recovery for the sick
TanneryA place where leather is made
TheatreA building or an outdoor area where plays and similar types of entertainment are performed
UtopiaAn imaginary place where everything is perfect
VineyardA place where grapes are grown
WardrobeA place where clothes are kept
ImplacableThat cannot be pacified
ImpracticableThat cannot be practised
AtheismThe belief that God does not exist
IllegibleThat cannot be read
ImpregnableThat cannot be seized
ImperceptibleThat cannot be perceived by the senses
InaccessibleThat cannot be easily reached
InaudibleThat cannot be heard
IncombustibleThat cannot be burnt/consumed by fire
IncredibleThat cannot be believed
IndelibleThat cannot be removed
IncurableThat cannot be cured
IndivisibleThat cannot be divided
IndisputableThat cannot be denied or questioned
InevitableThat cannot be avoided
InexhaustibleThat never tires out
InexplicableThat cannot be explained
InexpressibleThat cannot be expressed in words
InextinguishableThat cannot be extinguished
InfallibleThat never fails
InimitableThat cannot be imitated
InsatiableThat which cannot be satisfied
InseparableNot able to be separated
InsolubleThat cannot be dissolved
InvincibleThat cannot be conquered
InvisibleThat cannot be seen
InvulnerableThat cannot be harmed or defeated
IrrelevantThat is not to the point
IrreparableThat cannot be repaired
IrrevocableThat cannot be changed
OpaqueThat cannot be seen through
AnimismThe belief that plants, objects, and natural things such as the weather have a living soul
AnthropologistThe study of the human race, especially its origins, development, customs, and beliefs
BibliophagistOne who reads books omnivorously
BoardA long thin piece of strong hard material or an official group of people who direct or supervise some activity
CardiologistThe doctor who specializes in heart diseases
ChiropractorThe doctor who specializes in treating persons with bone displacement
DentistThe specialist who looks after our teeth
DermatologistThe doctor who specializes in skin diseases
Geriatrician, GerontologistThe doctor who specializes in diseases of old age
GulfA large area of sea that is partly surrounded by land
GynaecologistThe specialist who treats the medical conditions and diseases of women
Lamp-postA tall post in the street with a lamp at the top
NeurologistThe doctor who specializes in nerve diseases
ObstetricianThe specialist who helps during delivery of babies and takes care of mother during and immediately after the period of her pregnancy
OphthalmologistThe doctor who specializes in eye diseases
OpticianOne who sells optical equipment
OptometristOne who measures our vision
OrthodontistA dentist who treats problems concerning the position of the teeth and jaws
OrthopaedistThe doctor who specializes in treating persons with bone problems
OtologistThe doctor who specializes in ear diseases
PaediatricianThe specialist who treats the diseases of your baby
PathologistThe doctor who specializes in detecting the nature and origin of diseases
Podiatrist, ChiropodistThe doctor who specializes in feet ailments
PsychiatristThe doctor who specializes in treating persons with mental aberrations
PsychologistThe specialist who studies and explains human behavior
RhinologistThe doctor who specializes in nose diseases
TaxidermistOne who stuffs the skins of animals
ZoologistA scientist who studies animals and their behavior
BurglaryThe crime of entering a building illegally and stealing things from it
CanicideThe killing of dogs
FratricideThe killing of one’s brother
FilicideThe killing of one’s children
GenocideThe killing of a race of people
GermicideThe killing of germs
HomicideThe killing of human beings
HerpeticideThe killing of snakes
MatricideThe killing of one’s mother
InfanticideThe killing of one’s infant
ParricideThe killing of one’s parents
PatricideThe killing of one’s father
RegicideThe killing of a king
SuicideThe killing of oneself
SororicideThe killing of one’s sister
UxoricideThe killing of one’s wife
AnarchyA state without government
AristocracyRule by the nobility
AutocratA ruler who has complete power
AutocracyRule by absolute monarch
BureaucracyRule by departments of states
DictatorshipGovernment by a dictator
DynastySuccession of rulers belonging to one family
GerontocracyRule by old men
GynaecocracyRule by women
MonarchyGovernment by a king
NeocracyRule by new inexperienced officials
OligarchyRule in the hands of a few
PlutocracyRule by wealthy people
Red-TapismToo much official formality
SecularA state that is impartial to all religions
TheocracyRule by divine guidance or church authorities
TotalitarianismA system of government in which only one party is allowed to function
AbbreviationA short form of a word, etc
AnthropologyThe study of mankind especially of its origin, development, customs and beliefs
ArchaeologyThe study of prehistoric remains
AstronomyThe study of sun, moon, stars, planets, etc.
AutismA mental condition in which a person finds it very difficult to communicate or form relationships with others
BenevolenceKind, helpful and generous
BotanyThe study of plants
CalligraphyThe art of beautiful handwriting
CartographyThe art of map drawing
CeramicsThe art of making pots, bricks etc. with clay
ChromatologyThe study of colours
CriminologyThe scientific study of crime and criminals
CryptographyThe art of writing or solving codes
DualismThe theory that there are two opposite principles in everything, for example good and evil
DynamismEnergy and enthusiasm to make new things happen or to make things succeed
EgomaniacalA mental condition in which somebody is interested in themselves or concerned about themselves in a way that is not normal
ElectionThe process of choosing a person or a group of people for a position
EndocrinologyThe part of medicine concerning the endocrine system and hormones
EntomologyThe study of insects
EthnologyThe study of races of mankind
EtymologyThe study of the origin and history of words
FormalismA style or method that pays more attention to the rules and the correct arrangement
FrescoThe art of painting on a plaster surface
GeologyThe study of Rocks and soils
GeometryThe branch of mathematics that deals with the measurements and relationships of lines, angles, surfaces and solids
God-fearingLiving a moral life based on religious principles
InsecticideA chemical used for killing insects
MasochistThe practice of getting sexual pleasure from being physically hurt
MaximA well-known phrase that expresses something that is usually true or that people think is a rule for sensible behaviour
MedievalConnected with the Middle Ages
MeteorologyThe study of weather forecast
NumerologyThe use of numbers to try to tell somebody what will happen in the future
OralogyThe study of mountains
OncologyThe study and treatment of tumours in the body
OrnithologyThe study of Birds
PaleographyThe study of ancient writing
PathologyThe study of diseases
PhilologyThe study of the development of languages
PhysicianA doctor, especially one who is a specialist in general medicine and not surgery
Physiognomy/AnthroposcopyThe study of the human face
PhysiologyThe scientific study of the normal functions of living things
PolygamyThe custom of having more than one wife/husband at the same time
PsychotherapyThe treatment of mental illness by discussing somebody’s problems with them rather than by giving them drugs
PyrotechnicsThe art of making fireworks
SatireA way of criticizing a person, an idea or an institution in which you use humor to show their faults or weaknesses
SeismologyThe study of earthquakes
SyllogismA way of arguing in which two statements are used to prove that a third statement is true, for example
TaxidermyThe art of stuffing dead animals, birds, and fish with a special material so that they look like living ones and can be displayed
TaxonomyThe scientific process of classifying things
ThesisA long piece of writing completed by a student as part of a university degree, based on their own research
TopographyThe study of physical features of a place through a map or chart
TopologyThe way the parts of something are arranged and related
ToxicologyThe scientific study of poisons
TraditionalBeing part of the beliefs, customs or way of life of a particular group of people
TrichologyThe study of the hair and scalp
TrilogyA group of three books, films/movies, etc. that have the same subject or characters
VelocityThe speed of something in a particular direction
VirologyThe scientific study of viruses and the diseases caused by them
ZoologyThe study of animals
AbdicateThe act of giving up sovereign power
AbductTo take somebody away illegally, especially using force
AboardOn or onto a ship, plane, bus or train
AbodeThe place where somebody lives
AbortTo end or cause something to end before it has been completed
AbstruseHard to understand
AcousticsThe scientific study of sound
AcquittalAn official decision in court that a person is not guilty of a crime
AdaptTo change something in order to make it suitable for a new use or situation
AdequateEnough in quantity, or good enough in quality, for a particular purpose or need
AdhereTo stick firmly to something
AdulationAdmiration and praise, especially when this is greater than is necessary
AerophobiaFear of flying
A faux pasAn embarrassing mistake
AffidavitA written declaration made as an oath
AggravateIncrease the gravity of an offence
AggressionAn unprovoked attack by someone
AggressorA person, country etc. that attacks first
AgonyExtreme physical or mental pain
AgoraphobiaA fear of being in public places where there are many other people
AgreementAn arrangement, a promise or a contract made with somebody
AliasA false or different name, especially one that is used by a criminal
AlibiA legal defence by which an accused person tries to show that he was somewhere else when the crime was committed
AlimonyAllowance given to a wife on legal separation from her husband
AllegoryA story in which characters and events are meant as symbols of purity, truth etc.
AlliterationCommencement of adjacent words with the same letter
AlloyMixture of metals, especially when an inferior metal is mixed with one of richer value
AlluviumSoil washed down and carried away by rivers
AlmanacA book that is published every year giving information for that year about a particular subject or activity
AltitudeThe height above sea level
AmalgamationA mixture or combination of things
AmazonA tall, strong, masculine kind of woman
AmbiguousA statement open to more than one interpretation
AmmunitionShells, bombs, etc. in military stores
AmnesiaA medical condition in which a person partly or completely loses his memory
AmnestyA general pardon of offenders
AmphibiansAnimals that live both on land and in water
AmputateTo cut off a person’s part of body which is infected
AnachronismA person, a custom or an idea that seems old-fashioned and does not belong to the present
AnaemiaWant or lack of blood
AnaestheticA medicine which produces insensitivity
AnemometerAn instrument for measuring the speed of the wind or of a current of gas
AnnihilateTo reduce to nothing
AnnulTo state officially that something is no longer legally valid
AnodyneA medicine which alleviates pain
AnonymityThe state of remaining unknown to most other people
AnonymousA work whose writer is unknown
AnthologyA collection of poems
AntidoteA medicine to counteract the effect of poison
AntimonyAn easily broken chemical element
AntipodesReferring Australia and New Zealand in a humorous way
AntiqueOld and often valuable
AntisepticA substance that destroys germs
AntivirusDesigned to find and destroy computer viruses
ApartmentA set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a building
AphasiaA medical condition in which a person loses the ability to understand or produce speech because of brain damage
AphoniaTotal loss of voice
ApostrophizeTo address what you are saying to a particular person
AppallingShocking, extremely bad
AquaticAnimals that live in water
ArbitrationThe official process of settling an argument or disagreement by somebody who is not involved
ArchaismA very old word or phrase that is no longer used
Armistice, Truce, CeasefireAn agreement between belligerents to stop fighting
AromaticHaving a pleasant noticeable smell
ArrearsMoney that somebody owes that they have not paid at the right time
ArsenalA place where naval or military weapons are made and stored
ArtificialMade or produced to copy something natural: not real
AsphyxiaFainting or death due to being deprived of air
AssentOfficial agreement to or approval of something
AssertiveExpressing opinions or desires strongly and with confidence, so that people take notice
AssignationA meeting, especially a secret one, often with a lover
AssureTo tell somebody that something is definitely true
AuthoritarianOne who believes that people should obey authority and rules, even when these are unfair, and even if it means that they lose their personal freedom
AutobiographyThe life history of a man written by himself
AutumnThe season of the year between summer and winter, when leaves change colour and the weather becomes colder
AvenueA wide, straight road with trees on both sides, especially one leading to a big house
AwkwardMaking you feel embarrassed
BacklistThe list of books that have been published by a company in the past and are still available
BagpipesA musical instrument played especially in Scotland
BarrenLand that does not grow anything
BathophobiaFear of depths
BayonetShort sword fixed on to the end of a gun
BelligerentCountries engaged in war
BesiegeTo surround a place with the intention of capturing it
BevyA group of girls
BibliomaniaPowerful enthusiasm for collecting books
BiennialThat happens every two years
BigamyThe crime of marrying somebody when you are still legally married to somebody else
BilingualAble to speak two languages equally well
BiographyThe life history of a man written by someone else

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