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One Word Substitution Practice Test 2

One Word Substitution Practice Test 2

This is the One Word Substitution Practice Test 2. Students can take this test easily. They must choose the correct answer from the given options and write them in their notebook. You can check your answers at the end of the Exercise.

One Word Substitution Practice Test or Exercise

(1) That which can be interpreted in any way
(A) Ambient
(B) Ambivalent
(C) Amphibious
(D) Ambiguous

(2) A sudden quick movement in the body that you sometimes can not control –
(A) Twitch
(B) Tweed
(C) Tweet
(D) Twit

(3) A group of girls
(A) Bevy
(B) Troupe
(C) Covery
(D) Coterie

(4) A religious system of thought that tried to know God by means of meditation, prayer, etc.
(A) Theosophy
(C) Nepotism
(B) Philosophy
(D) Mysticism

(5) Ready to believe anything
(A) Credible
(B) Credulous
(C) Incredible
(D) Incredulous

(6) The killing of one’s mother-
(A) Apicide
(B) Avicide
(C) Matricide
(D) Uxoricide

(7) The killing of one’s sister –
(A) Fratricide
(B) Sororicide
(C) Parricide
(D) Patricide

(8) The person who is always finding faults-
(A) Stoic
(B) Fanatic
(C) Recluse
(D) Censorious

(9) A field or a part of a garden where fruit trees are grown
(A) Park
(B) Yard
(C) Nursery
(D) Orchard

(10) Indifference to pleasure or pain
(A) Docility
(B) Stoicism
(C) Patience
(D) Reticence

(11) Government by a ruler who has unlimited power.
(A) Despotism
(C) Monarchy
(B) Autocracy
(D) Anarchy

(12) Very important for the final result of particular situation –
(A) Decisive
(B) Effervescent
(C) Circumstantial
(D) Inferential

(13) A long wandering journey
(A) Mandate
(B) Libel
(C) Odyssey
(D) Jaunt

(14) Fear of snakes
(A) Hypochondria
(B) Phasmophobia
(C) Pantheism
(D) Ophidiophobia

(15) The intelligent and educated group or class of a society or country –
(A) Intelligentsia
(B) Punctilious
(C) Lampoon
(D) Elite

(16) Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money
(A) Fraud
(B) Robbery
(C) Pickpocket
(D) Theft

(17) One who loves books
(A) Bibliophobe
(B) Bibliophile
(C) Bibliographer
(D) Bibliophagist

(18) One knowing everything
(A) Learned
(B) Omnipotent
(C) Omnipresent
(D) Omniscient

(19) The person who hates marriage –
(A) Misoandrist
(B) Misogamist
(C) Misogynist
(D) Misanthropist

(20) The person who can use both hands with equal ease –
(A) Clergy
(B) Demon
(C) Parasite
(D) Ambidextrous

(21) The patient who is recovering from illness –
(A) Convalescent
(B) Sycophant
(C) Boaster
(D) Stickler

(22) A specialist who tests eyesight
(A) Optician
(C) Ichthyologist
(B) Ophthalmologist
(D) Neurologist

(23) A place where audience sit
(A) Court
(B) Ring
(C) Auditorium
(D) Stadium

(24) A place where beer is made
(A) Hangar
(B) Brewery
(C) Gymnasium
(D) Apiary

(25) Science of diseases
(A) Philology
(B) Psychology
(C) Pathology
(D) Virology

(26) Rule by absolute monarch
(A) Autocracy
(B) Plutocracy
(C) Aristocracy
(D) Anarchy

(27) Rule by old men
(A) Gerontocracy
(B) Monarchy
(C) Celibacy
(D) Dynasty

(28) The person who is devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking –
(A) Stoic
(B) Bigot
(C) Extempore
(D) Epicure

(29) Animals that can live on land and in water both
(A) Aquatics
(B) Aquarians
(C) Anthropoids
(D) Amphibians

(30) The killing of one’s infant
(A) Parricide
(B) Patricide
(C) Infanticide
(D) Suicide

(31) The person who drives a motor car
(A) Apostate
(B) Fanatic
(C) Deserter
(D) Chauffeur a

(32) The killing of one’s parents –
(A) Parricide
(B) Uxoricide
(C) Patricide
(D) Fratricide

(33) Belief that war and violence are unjustified
(A) Neutralisation
(B) Naturalisation
(B) Pessimism
(D) Pacifism

(34) Fear of blood
(A) Nyctophobia
(B) Pyrophobia
(C) Phasmophobia
(D) Haematophobia

(35) A persistent anxiety about one’s health, usually involving imagined symptoms of illness
(A) Legacy
(B) Idiosyncrasy
(C) Hypochondria
(D) Itinerary

(36) The person who takes care of a building
(A) Patriot
(B) Janitor
(C) Pedant
(D) Martyr

(37) An appearance of objects often simulating the appearance of water
(A) Image
(B) Reflection
(C) Mirage
(D) Refraction

(38) A clever and amusing remark –
(A) Witticism
(B) Mysticism
(C) Reflex
(D) Circumvention

(39) Words having the same spelling but difficult meanings
(A) Antonyms
(B) Homonyms
(C) Synonyms
(D) Homophones

(40) A soldier who fights for the sake of money
(A) Nihilist
(B) Sophist
(C) Mercenary
(D) Sadist

(41) Constant efforts to achieve something
(A) Patience
(B) Fascist
(C) Vigour
(D) Perseverance

(42) Careful in what you say or do, in order to keep something secret or to avoid causing embarrassment or difficulty for somebody –
(A) Discreet
(B) Gerontologist
(D) Compositor
(C) Discrete

(43) The person who is sent to a mission –
(A) Emissary
(B) Uxorious
(C) Spy
(D) Sycophant

(44) To cut something into two pieces
(A) Severe
(B) Sever
(C) Sewer
(D) Sow

(45) A short piece of music, especially an introduction to a longer one –
(A) Matinee
(B) Prelude
(C) Recipe
(D) Postscript

(46) One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally
(A) Veteran
(B) Connoisseur
(C) Player
(D) Amateur

(47) Connected with the period after the birth of a child
(A) Incandescent
(B) Post-natal
(C) Maritime
(D) Inanimate

(48) Something that is poisonous or unhealthy
(A) Trivial
(B) Toxic
(C) Torpid
(D) Tragic

(49) A ruling system in which a person with great power rules and uses his power in a cruel way-
(A) Communism
(B) Democracy
(C) Socialism
(D) Despotism

(50) Containing information and details that strongly suggest that something is true but do not prove it
(A) Circumstantial
(B) Discrete
(C) Commensurate
(D) Rhetorical


Right Answer
(1) Ambiguous
(2) Twitch
(3) Bevy
(4) Mysticism
(5) Credulous
(6) Matricide
(7) Sororicide
(8) Censorious
(9) Orchard
(10) Stoicism
(11) Despotism
(12) Decisive
(13) Odyssey
(14) Ophidiophobia
(15) Intelligentsia
(16) Fraud
(17) Bibliophile
(18) Omniscient
(19) Misogynist
(20) Ambidextrous
(21) Convalescent
(22) Ophthalmologist
(23) Auditorium
(24) Brewery
(25) Pathology
(26) Autocracy
(27) Gerontocracy
(28) Epicure
(29) Amphibians
(30) Infanticide
(31) Chauffeur
(32) Parricide
(33) Pacifism
(34) Haematophobia
(35) Hypochondria
(36) Janitor
(37) Mirage
(38) Witticism
(39) Homonyms
(40) Mercenary
(41) Perseverance
(42) Discreet
(43) Emissary
(44) Sever
(45) Prelude
(46) Amateur
(47) Post-natal
(48) Toxic
(49) Despotism
(50) Circumstantial

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