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One Word Substitution Practice Test 3

One Word Substitution Practice Test 3

1 – Art related to ornate, good handwriting called?
a) Paleontology
b) Cartography
c) Calligraphy
d) Philology

2 – Scientific study deals with bodily diseases?
a) Pathology
b) Astronomy
c) Gerontology
d) Acoustics

3 – The study involves mapping of earth and its formation?
a) Biology
b) Geology
c) Ornithology
d) Chronology

4 – The study of birds called?
a) Theology
b) Philology
c) Gerontology
d) Ornithology

5 – The field of study deals with the study of earth and rocks?
a) Anthropology
b) Ecology
c) Geology
d) Hydraulics

6 – A study of human development called?
a) Philology
b) Astronomy
c) Anthropology
d) Gerontology

7 – Which field of study involves the study of languages?
a) Acoustics
b) Psephology
c) Calligraphy
d) Philology

8 – The study of collection of coins, tokens, paper money, etc. called?
a) Chronology
b) Numismatics
c) Entomology
d) Aviation

9 – A field of study involves the study of flying airplanes?
a) Biology
b) Hydraulics
c) Aviation
d) Theology

10 – What is the study of handwriting called?
a) Graphology
b) Geology
c) Anthropology
d) Pathology

11 – The study deals with hereditary, genes, and variation in living organisms?
a) Genetics
b) Astronomy
c) Acoustics
d) Ecology

12 – The study of the influence of planets and stars on human events called?
a) Philology
b) Astrology
c) Gerontology
d) Psephology

13 – A study involves the law of the flow of water and other liquids?
a) Theology
b) Gerontology
c) Chronology
d) Hydraulics

14 – What is the study of the relation between organisms and their environment called?
a) Ecology
b) Pathology
c) Calligraphy
d) Ornithology

15 – The study deals with various aspects of aging?
a) Anthropology
b) Gerontology
c) Aviation
d) Entomology

16 – What is the science of time order called?
a) Philology
b) Hydraulics
c) Psephology
d) Chronology

17 – The study involves the study of religion?
a) Biology
b) Acoustics
c) Theology
d) Genetics

18 – What is the science of human development called?
a) Anthropology
b) Astronomy
c) Geology
d) Gerontology

19 – The study deals with the science of insects?
a) Calligraphy
b) Entomology
c) Ornithology
d) Ecology

20 – A doctor who treats skin diseases?
a) Obstetrician
b) Ophthalmologist
c) Dermatologist
d) Endodontist

21 – One who is all powerful?
a) Ambidextrous
b) Consummate
c) Omnipotent
d) Teetotaler

22 – A person who is capable of using both hands?
a) Extrovert
b) Ambivert
c) Orthodontist
d) Iconoclast

23 – What is the term for a person who is beyond reform?
a) Incorrigible
b) Funambulist
c) Quixotic
d) Virago

24 – A doctor who specializes in root canal and nerve treatment?
a) Peridontist
b) Cardiologist
c) Orthopedician
d) Endodontist

25 – A person who demands strict conformity to rules?
a) Somnambulist
b) Egoist
c) Martinet
d) Chirographer

26 – A doctor who treats eye diseases?
a) Chirographer
b) Dermatologist
c) Ophthalmologist
d) Orthopedician

27 – Someone who talks while sleeping?
a) Quixotic
b) Credulous
c) Somniloquist
d) Ventriloquist

28 – A doctor who treats heart problems?
a) Endodontist
b) Teetotaler
c) Cardiologist
d) Gynecologist

29 – A person who is extravagantly romantic, chivalrous and impractical?
a) Funambulist
b) Ambivert
c) Virago
d) Consummate

30 – A person who studies birds?
a) Zoologist
b) Ornithologist
c) Philanthropist
d) Cartographer

31 – A person who can speak two languages fluently
a) Bilingual
b) Multilingual
c) Polyglot
d) Linguist

32 – A person who pretends to be someone they are not?
a) Hypocrite
b) Imposter
c) Charlatan
d) Deceiver

33 – A person who is unable to sleep?
a) Insomniac
b) Hypochondriac
c) Somnambulist
d) Lethargic

34 – A person who is skilled in the use of words?
a) Pundit
b) Orator
c) Articulate
d) Wordsmith

35 – A person who hates or distrusts humanity
a) Misanthrope
b) Philanthropist
c) Altruist
d) Hermit


Right Answer
1 – Calligraphy
2 – Pathology
3 – Geology
4 – Ornithology
5 – Geology
6 – Anthropology
7 – Philology
8 – Numismatics
9 – Aviation
10 – Graphology
11 – Genetics
12 – Astrology
13 – Hydraulics
14 – Ecology
15 – Gerontology
16 – Chronology
17 – Theology
18 – Anthropology
29 – Entomology
20 – Dermatologist
21 – Omnipotent
22 – Ambidextrous
23 – Incorrigible
24 – Endodontist
25 – Iconoclast
26 – Martinet
27 – Introvert
28 – Intrepid
29 – Notorious
30 – Ornithologist
31 – Polyglot
32 – Imposter
33 – Insomniac
34 – Wordsmith
35 – Misanthrope

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