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Poetry Comprehension Practice Test 13

Poetry Comprehension Practice Test 13

(Q. 1-6): Read the given poem and answer the questions that follow by selecting the most appropriate option.

Remnants Left Behind

A leaf detaching
herself from a tree
strong winds howling
catching in a gale
just won’t let her be.

A ship sailing on an ocean
being bashed by heavy winds
forcing her to dry land
seeking asylum once again.

Footprints in the sand
leaving behind positive thoughts
until the tide rushes in
and everything is lost.

Remnants of two lovers
once so young, and bold
signatures etched on a heart
A love story never told.

1. The poet’s message here is about the power of
(1) human love that is permanent
(2) nature that can create or destroy
(3) the sea over human life
(4) human beings over nature

2. ” ………. just won’t let her be ….” uses ………. as the poetic device.
(1) simile
(2) personification
(3) exaggeration
(4) fallacy

3. In the phrase “.. …….. Seeking asylum,’ asylum means
(1) shore
(2) cliff
(3) port
(4) beach

4. ” …………… Footprints in the sand….” symbolises
(1) false images
(2) brief lives
(3) short memories
(4) patterns on the sand

5. The line “Remnants of two lovers ………….. suggests to the reader that the lovers
(1) had died together at sea
(2) have decided to spend their lives together
(3) are no longer in love with each other
(4) are now separated from each other

6. In “……….. signatures etched on a ………..”, ‘etched’ means.
(1) Scratched
(2) Cut
(3) chipped
(4) engraved


Right Answer
(1) 2
(2) 2
(3) 3
(4) 3
(5) 3
(6) 4

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