Reading Comprehension Practice Test 1

Reading Comprehension Practice Test 1

This is the reading comprehension practice test 1. Most of the students search reading comprehension practice tests. This will help in improving your reading and understanding skills.

Direction: Read the passage carefully, and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.

Though fond of many acquaintances. I desire an intimacy only with a few. The Man in Black, whom I have often mentioned, is one whose friendship I could wish to acquire, because he possesses my esteem. His manners, it is true, are tinctured with some strange inconsistencies; and he may be justly termed a humorist in a nation of humorists. Though he is generous even to profusion, he effects to be though a prodigy of parsimony and prudence; though his conversation be replete with the most sordid and selfish maxims, his heart is dilated with the most unbounded love. I have known him profess himself a man-hater. While his cheek was glowing with compassion; and, while his looks were softened into pity, I have heard him use the language of the most ill-bounded ill nature. Some affect humanity and tenderness, others boast of having such disposition. from nature; but he is the only man I ever knew who seemed ashamed of his natural benevolence. He takes as much pains to hide his feelings, as any hypocrite would to conceal his indifference but on every unguarded moment the mask drops off, and reveals him to the most superficial observer.

1. ‘Because he possesses my esteem’ means –

(a) I hate him
(b) I have great regard for him
(c) He occupies my room unlawfully
(d) He does not like me.


Ans. (b)

2. Humorist’ has been used for –

(a) one who loves creating humour
(b) one who writes comedies of humours
(c) one who is capricious
(d) one who loves humorous people


Ans. (a) In the above passage humorist has been used for one who loves creating humour

3. Parsimony’ refers to –

(a) the money that Parsees use for donation
(b) avoidance of excess
(c) the quality of being a spendthrift
(d) the money that does not belong to the user.


Ans. (b) In the given passage the word ‘Parsimony’ refers to avoidance of excess. It means reluctant to spend more money

4. Glowing with compassion’ implies –

(a) full of pity

(b) red with anger
(c) blushing

(d) shamefacedly


Ans. (a) According to passage we get the word ‘Glowing’ with compassion which implies as full of pity

5. ‘Reveals him’ means –
(a) exposes his shameful conduct
(b) evidences his irritability

(c) makes his latent goodness evident
(d) manifests his attempt to hide his shameful conduct.


Ans. (c) In the above passage the given word ‘Reveals him’ means makes his latent goodness evident

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