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Reading Comprehension Practice Test 13

Reading Comprehension Practice Test 13

Directions: read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

In our approach to life, be it pragmatic or otherwise a basic fact that confronts us squarely and unmistakably is the desire for peace, security and happiness. Different forms of life at different levels of existence make up teaming denizens of this planet of ours. And no matter whether they belong to the higher groups such as human beings or to the lower groups such as animals, all beings primarily want peace, comfort and security. Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a man. Even the lowliest insect strives for protection against danger that threatens its life. Just as each one of us wants to live and not that to die, so do all other creatures.

1. the author’s main point is that
(a) different forms of life are found on earth
(b) peace and security are the chief goals of all living beings
(c) different levels of existence are possible in nature
(d) even the weakest creature struggles to preserve its life

2. Which one of the following assumptions or steps is essential in developing the author’s position?
(a) All forms of life have a single overriding goal
(b) The will to survive of a creature is identified with a desire for peace
(c) All beings are divided into higher and lower groups
(d) A parallel is drawn between happiness and life, and pain and death

3. The word “denizens” in the passage implies
(a) defectors
(b) visitors
(c) aliens
(d) inhabitants

4. The author presumes that animals are
(a) Superior to human beings
(b) Inferior to human beings
(c) Equal to human beings
(d) All of the above


Right Answer
(1) b
(2) b
(3) d
(4) c

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