Shakespeare Characters Questions and Answers

Shakespeare Characters Questions and Answers

Here, we have discussed Shakespeare Characters Questions and Answers. Those candidates who are preparing for English Literature for TGT, PGT and NET-JRF, can solve these question for practice.

1 . Holoferness is a schoolmaster in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Which play?

a. Hamlet

b. Macbeth

c. Midsummer Night’s Dream

d. Love’s Labour’s Lost


Ans. d – Love’s Labour’s Lost

2. Who is Sycorax in The Tempest?

a. Father of Caliban

b. Goddess of Caliban

c. Mother of Caliban

d. Sister of Caliban


Ans. c. – Mother of Caliban

3. Baptista is the wife of:

a. Gonzalo

b. Othello

c. Hamlet

d. Gonzago


Ans. d. – Gonzago

4. Oscric appears in:

a. The Tempest

b. Otheloo

c. King Henry IV Part I

d. Hamlet


Ans. d. – Hamlet

5. Orisino in Twelfth Night is the Duke of:

a. Mesopotamia

b. Macdonia

c. Malta

d. Illyria


Ans. d. – Illyria

6. Cesario is the name adopted by a character in disguise. Identify him or her.

a. Celia

b. Cleopatra

c. Rosalind

d. Viola


Ans. d. – Viola

7. Who is the king of fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

a. Oberon

b. Ulysses

c. Mars

d. None of these


Ans. a. – Oberon

8. Fulvia is the wife of

a. Caesar

b. Octavius Caesar

c. Brutus

d. Antony


Ans. d. – Antony

9. Bastard appears in:

a. King John

b. Henry IV

c. Twelfth Night

d. None of these


Ans. a. – King John

10. Dogberry and Verges, the two foolish officers appear in:

a. Twelfth Night

b. Richard III

c. Richard II

d. Much Ado About Nothing


Ans. d. – Much ado About Nothing

11. Fortinbras in Hamlet is:

(a) Prince of Denmark (b) Prince of Norway

(c) Prince of Holland (d) Prince of Portugal

(e) Prince of Sweden


Ans. b. – Prince of Norway

12. In which of the following plays does Hippolyta appear?

(a) Measure for Measure

(b) The Taming of the Shrew

(c) A Midsummer Night’s Dream

(d) As You Like It


Ans. c. – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

13. Who is Trinculo in the play the Tempest?

(a) King’s Butler (b) King’s Jester

(c) King’s son

(d) King’s Slave

(e) King’s Brother


Ans. b. – King’s Jester

14. Which play of Shakespeare has a character named Banquo?

(a) King Lear

(b) Romeo and Juliet

(c) Macbeth

(d) Hamlet


Ans. c. – Macbeth

15. Which of the following characters does not belong to famous Shakespearean tragedy, Hamlet?

(a) Ophelia

(b) Claudius

(c) Polonius

(d) Cassio


Ans. d. – Cassio

16. ‘Desdemona’, a famous Shakespearean character, belongs to which of the following plays?

(a) King Lear

(b) Hamlet

(c) Othello

(d) Twelfth Night


Ans. c. – Othello

17. Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It disguises herself as :

(a) Aliena

(b) Silvius

(c) Ganymede

(d) Jacques


Ans. c. – Ganymede

18. In the play The Tempest, Prospero is the Duke of

(a) Milan

(b) Kent

(c) Edinburgh

(d) Naples


Ans. a. – Milan

 19. ……….is the Queen of Denmark and mother of Prince Hamlet.

(a) Portia

(b) Rosalind

(c) Gertrude

(d) Ophelia


Ans. c. – Gertrude

20. ‘Rosalind’ the central female character, appears in which of the following Shakespearean plays?

(a) As you Like It

(b) Cymbeline

(c) The Tempest

(d) Romeo and Juliet


Ans. a. – As You Like It

21. William Shakespeare, is found in more than one of plays.

(a) Ariel

(b) Sir John Falstaff

(c) Claudius

(d) Antonio


Ans. b. – Sir John Falstaff

22. Which of the Shakespeare’s play had the character, Robin Goodfellow?

(a) Romeo and Juliet

(b) Taming of the Shrew

(c) As you like it

(d) A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Ans. d. – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

23. The armor bearer to Macbeth:

(a) Siward

(b) Angus

(c) Ross

(d) Seyton


Ans. d. – Sayton

24. Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek are famous characters in-

(a) Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

(b) Shakespeare’s “Measure”

(c) Shakespeare’s “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”

(d) Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”


Ans. d. – Twelfth Night

25. Where was Hamlet studying when he was summoned to Denmark on the death of his father?

(a) France

(b) Athens

(c) Germany

(d) England


Ans. c. – Germany

26. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth who is Ross referring to when he uses the description “Bellona’s Bridegroom”?

(a) Banquo

(b) Macbeth

(c) Mac Donald

(d) Fleance


Ans. c. – Macbeth

27. Who is it in As You Like It that tutors Orlando how to be a better lover?

(a) Phoebe

(b) Ganymede

(d) Aliena

(c) Silvius


Ans. b. – Ganymede

28. Who suffers from ‘self love’ in Twelfth Night?

(a) Malvolio

(b) Sir Toby Belch

(c) Sir Andrew Aguecheek

(d) Olivia


Ans. a. – Malvalio

29. Falstaff is a character in Shakespeare’s

(a) Henry I

(c) Henry VIII

(b) Measure for Measure

(d) Henry IV


Ans. d. – Henry IV

30. Who is the first character to die in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet?

(a) Claudius

(b) Polonius

(c) Ophelia

(d) Gertrude


Ans. b. – Polonius

32. In ‘The Tempest’, Prospero frees Ariel from the witch Sycorax but has enslaved
(a) Stephano
(b) Boatswain
(c) Trinculo
(d) Caliban


Ans. d. – Caliban

33. With whom does Oliver fall in love in “As You Like It”?
(a) Roslind
(b) Phoebe
(c) Audrey
(d) Aliena


Ans. d. – Aliena

34. Who are Malcolm and Donalbain in this play?
(a) King Duncan’s sons (b) Friends of Macbeth
(c) Banquo’s sons
(d) Macduff’s brothers


Ans. a. – King Duncan’s Sons

35. Who plans to kill Banquo and his son?
(a) Macbeth
(b) Macduff
(c) Malcolm
(d) Ross


Ans. a. – Macbeth

36. Rosalind is the daughter of Duke Senior. Name Celia’s father.
(a) Oliver
(b) Jaques
(c) Orlando
(d) Frederick


Ans. d. – Frederick

37. Shylock is a character in Shakespeare’s……:
(a) Twelfth Night
(b) As you like It
(c) Merchant of Venice
(d) Comedy of Errors


Ans. c. – Merchant of Venice

38. Hermia is a character in Shakespeare’s –
(a) Midsummer Night’s Dream
(b) Romeo and Juliet
(c) Two Gentlemen of Verona
(d) Merry Wives of Windsor


Ans. a. – Midsummer Night’s Dream

39. Who is known as the “melancholy man” in As You Like It?
(a) Touchstone
(b) Silvious
(c) Jaques
(d) Corin


Ans. c. – Jaques

40. Fortinbras is a character in Shakespeare’s
(a) King Lear
(b) Othello
(c) Hamlet
(d) Julius Ceasar


Ans. c. – Hamlet

41. Who is Hamlet’s beloved in Hamlet?
(a) Olivia
(b) Portia
(c) Ophelia
(d) Cordelia


Ans. c. – Ophelia

42. In which play of Shakespeare does Adam appear?
(a) Merry Wives of Windsor
(b) As You Like It
(c) Twelfth Night
(d) Tempest


Ans. b. – As You Like It

43. In which Shakespearean play does Curan appear?
(a) Othello
(b) Macbeth
(c) King Lear
(d) Hamlet


Ans. c. – King Lear (Curan is the courtier)

44. Who is the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Tempest’?
(a) Portia
(b) Nerissa
(c) Desdemona
(d) Miranda


Ans. d. – Miranda, Prospero’s Daughter

45. Macbeth sees the ghost of:
(a) Banquo
(b) lago
(c) Duncan
(d) Hamlet


Ans. a. – Banquo

46. Who has been termed as motiveless malignity?
(a) Macbeth
(b) lago
(c) Othello
(d) Polonius


Ans. b. – Iago

47. Caliban-
(a) is the hero of the play The Tempest
(b) married Prospero’s daughter in The Tempest
(c) killed Prospero in The Tempest
(d) is the villain in the Tempest


Ans. d. – is the villain in The Tempest

48. Which play of Shakespeare portrays the character of Malvolio?
(a) Love’s Labour’s Lost (b) Twelfth Night
(c) Hamlet
(d) As you Like it


Ans. b. – Twelfth Night

49. One of the characters of Shakespeare has been called the fourth witch. She is
(a) Ophelia
(b) Lady Macbeth
(d) Juliet
(c) Emilia


Ans. b. – Lady Macbeth

50. Who is the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Tempest?
(a) Viola
(b) Portia
(c) Miranda
(d) Beatrice


Ans. c. – Miranda

51. In which play of Shakespeare do the characters ‘Voltemand’ and ‘Cornelius’ appear?
(a) The Merchant of Venice
(b) Hamlet
(c) Much Ado About Nothing
(d) Macbeth


Ans. b. – Hamlet

52. Portia is the heroine of the play –
(a) Hamlet
(b) The Merry Wives of Windsor
(c) The Tempest
(d) The Merchant of Venice


Ans. d. – Merchant of Venice

53. Sir Toby Belch is a character in Shakespeare’s
(a) Hamlet
(b) Twelfth Night
(d) Othello
(c) Macbeth


Ans. b. – Twelfth Night

54. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth who was “untimely ripped” from his mother’s womb?
(a) Macbeth
(b) Duncan
(c) Macduff
(d) Malcolm


Ans. c. – Macduff

55. The twin brother of Viola in Twelfth Night is
(a) Sebastian
(b) Cesario
(c) Orsino
(d) Antonio


Ans. a. – Sebastian

56. Who is Laertes in the play Hamlet?
(a) Brother of Ophelia
(b) Rival of Hamlet
(c) Son of Claudius
(d) Friend of Hamlet


Ans. a. – Brother of Ophelia

57. In Shakespeare’s Tempest, who is Sebastian’s brother?
(a) Antonio
(b) Ferdinand
(c) Alonso
(d) Gorizalo


Ans. c. – Alonso

58. Who is King Lear’s second daughter’s husband?
(a) Duke of Cornwall (b) Earl of Kent
(c) Duke of Burgundy (d) Duke of Albany


Ans. a. – Duke of Cornwall

59. Who is the daughter of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice? 

(a) Portia
(b) Nerissa
(c) Balthezar
(d) Jessica


Ans. d. – Jessica

60. Thaisa is a character in Shakespeare’s

(a) Titus Andronicus

(b) Hamlet

(c) As You Like It

(d) Pericles


Ans. d. – Pericles

These are some important questions and answers on Shakespeare’s characters. If you see the answer of any question, write us in comment box.

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