Online English Tests and Quizzes

Online English Tests and Quizzes

Which of the following is not authored by William Shakespeare? (1) Hamlet (2) The Tempest (3) Julies Caeser (4) Docter Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Ans. 4

EXTRAVAGANT (1) Developing (2) Disappearing (3) Wonderful (4) Economical Ans. 4

A cure for all disease (1) Panacea (2) Antibiotic (3) Cure (4) Remedy Ans. 1

He has no control ............ his temper. (1) over (2) in (3) at (4) at Ans. 1

Who among the following is the 'interpreter of nature in many moods'? (1) William Wordsworth (2) William Butler Yeats (3) William Shakespeare (4) William Pitt Ans. 1

To bell the cat (1) To take lead in danger (2) To tie bell to cat's neck (3) To be alert of the enemy (4) To make noise Ans. 1

A Boy's Will is written by (a) Robert Frost (b) William Faulkner (c) Walt Whitman (d) None of the above Ans. a

Which of the following works is written by Ernest Hemingway? (a) Fiesta (b) None of the above (c) A Fable (d) Across the Black water Ans. a

Torpor means (a) a great fervour (b) extreme mental and physical sluggishness (c) spotless (d) brisk and cheerful readiness Ans. b

Who called Shakespeare, "The largest and most comprehensive soul? (a) Dr. Johnson (b) T.S. Eliot (c) Dryden (d) I. A Richards Ans. c

In Hemingway's short story 'The capital of the world', Paco is diminutive of (a) Picachaeu (b) Patrick (c) Picacco (d) Francisco Ans. c